About food facility in my PG...

I provide three vegetarian meals every day (except Sunday) to girls living in my PG – breakfast, lunch and dinner. The food is prepared by the same cook who cooks food for me. I make sure that these meals are healthy and filling.

Below are the pictures of some of the items and details of breakfast, lunch and dinner.


Breakfast - 1

Breakfast - 2

Breakfast - 3

Breakfast - 1 - Zoomed In

This usually includes items like poha, dhokla, sandwich, idli, samosa, paratha, bread pulao, chowmein, pasta and other similar items.


Lunch - 1

Lunch - 2

Lunch - 3

In lunch, I provide one sabzi, dal, rice and chapatis. Bhindi, aloo matar, mixed vegetables, rajma, paneer, chole, chana are some of the common sabzis that I provide.


Dinner - 1

Dinner - 2

Dinner - 3

Similar to lunch, dinner consists of one sabzi, dal, rice and chapatis. Similar sabzis are provided here as well.

Since I'm a marwari vegetarian, all the meals prepared by me are vegetarian too. However, girls can bring non-vegetarian food from outside if they wish so.

You can find more information about other facilities in my PG here.