Amenities & facilities available in my PG...

I understand the importance of comfort and easy-living in current generation's busy academic and professional lives. During the past years, I've made constant efforts to provide the best amenities and facilities for the girls staying in our accommodation. These facilities are available for all the three accommodations listed here. Below is the complete list of the same:



For winter months, I've installed a geyser in each of the bathrooms. It provides for hot water supply for bathing.

Induction Stove

Induction Cooktop

Although I provide food in my PG, sometimes girls do like to prepare their own meals. Keeping that in mind, I've provided an induction stove.

Air Conditioner

Air Conditioner

Kolkata can get really hot and humid in summer months. In such weather conditions, ACs provide the necessary comfort. Each room in my PG has an AC installed.



I've set up a mini-fridge in each of the rooms in my PG. The fridge is big enough to store drinking water and a few grocery items.

Internet & Wi-Fi

Router And Wifi

This is a must for everyone in today's world. I've carefully chosen the best internet plan with wifi connectivity for the girls staying in my PG.



I provide home-cooked vegetarian breakfast to girls staying in my PG. This usually includes food items like poha, sandwich, idli, etc.



During lunch, I provide vegetarian meals which usually comprises one vegetable, dal, roti and rice. Girls can pack their lunch in morning if it is prepared by the time they leave for college or office.



Just like lunch, the dinner usually includes one sabzi, dal, roti and rice. I've clicked a few pictures of breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Personal Bed

Personal Bed

Every girl in my PG gets a separate wooden bed. I've kept sufficient space between beds for their personal space.

24×7 Water Supply & Electricity

24 x 7 Water Supply

There's 24×7 water supply in my PG. Apart from very rare power cuts in summer, there's 24×7 electricity all throughout the year.

Personal Mattress

Personal Mattress

Along with the bed, I provide a personal cotton mattress to all the girls in our paying guest accommodation.

Personal Pillow

Personal Pillow

I provide a cotton pillow to each of the girls living in my PG.

Personal Study Table

Portable Study Table

For activities like reading, writing, studying or working on laptop, I've provided a portable study table to all the girls.

Personal Cupboard With Lock

Personal Cupboard

For keeping personal belongings, the girls in the PG are provided with spacious personal cupboards with lock. They come with multiple shelves for organization.

Balcony Area for Drying Clothes

Area For Cloth Hanging

I've sufficient area in my balcony. Girls can use this space to hang their washed clothes.

Purified Drinking Water

Water Purifier

For clean drinking water, I've a water purifier in my kitchen. I usually keep the bottles filled for girls.

Marble Flooring

Marble Flooring

All the rooms in the PG have marble flooring, which gives them a very bright appearance.

Separate PG Entrance

Personal Entrance

For a hassle-free entrance and exit, there's a separate main door to the PG. This allows girls to enter or leave the PG in my absence.

Personal Key to PG Entrance

Personal Key

Girls are given personal keys to the main door of the PG so that they don't have to depend on me or their roommates when entering or leaving the PG.

Dish Washing by Maid

Dish Washing

Just like clothes, girls can get their dishes washes by the maid by paying her appropriate charges.

Bathrooms for each Room

Bathroom For Each Room

There's a separate bathroom for each room. On an average, there's one bathroom for every four girls in my PG.

Weekly Cleaning of Bathrooms

Weekly Cleaning Of Bathrooms

All the bathrooms in the PG are cleaned on a weekly basis by a janitor.

Daily Cleaning of PG

Daily Cleaning Of PG

I've kept a maid who cleans all the rooms in the PG on a daily basis.

Cloth Washing by Maid

Cloth Washing

Girls can get their clothes washed by maid. They can pay the maid directly for this.